Our Partners

Green Create Nutra Ltd is a partnership between ENL Land, part of the ENL Group, a broad-based conglomerate with interests in most sectors of the Mauritian economy, and Green Create Holdings, a global holding company, investing in sustainable energy, wastewater treatment and biotechnology. Together they combine the resources, local knowledge and technical expertise that has enabled Green Create Nutra to blossom.

Global holding company with investments in sustainable energy, biotechnology & wastewater treatment.

Assets include:
Trigen Group, Mettle Solar and Agriprotein


Established in 1821, ENL is one of the largest conglomerates in Mauritius. It owns and manages 23,000 acres of land in the South and Centre of the island.

ENL Agri leads the agricultural and farming operations of the group, which include sugarcane and hydroponics production, horticulture and cattle breeding.