Welcome to Green Create Nutra

Green Create Nutra Ltd is an algal biotechnology company located on the tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. We produce premium quality Spirulina powder and tablets.

Our unique advantages

  • Pure water – tapped from an underground aquifer of crystal clean, drinking-quality water, filtered through layers of volcanic blue basalt rock
  • Clean air – pollution levels in Mauritius are ranked by the WHO as some of the lowest in the world
  • BioCO2 – we are uniquely situated close to a sustainable source of green CO2 from an organic process, purified to feed-grade quality before use
  • Isolated location - away from industrial activity, towns and cities
  • Year-round production - due to the warm tropical climate


Green Create Nutra Ltd attended the World Aquaculture Conference, Cape Town, 26-30th June 2017.